A Very Slow Week 1

Monday, December 04, 2006

I dunno, but I found the past week really slow, despite the fact that we were working. We had work last Saturday, ending at midnight, had to wake up early the following day to leave for Baguio for another wedding coverage. It was our first time to cover a wedding in Baguio, but the 3rd up north. First two was in Ilocos Region. I was all excited to do the Baguio Wedding all because of this...

Baguio's climate allowed me to wear my boots...yes, I get to wear my boots also here in Manila, but always under my jeans. It's fun dressing up once in a while, a really big deal for me. Just between you and me ok? Baguio is equal to boots...haha! I was thinking of that the whole time, even waking up in the middle of the night, rummaging through my closet, choosing what dress to wear with it. Yep that was how obssessed (this word's too strong) keen I was on wearing it.

Twas a long weekend too...classes were suspended on Thursday because of Typhoon Reming. We were scheduled to go to 168 in Divisoria Friday, but decided to go Thursday, and it was a very good decision. 168 was all packed on Friday because of the holiday declared by PGMA. It was Isha's 2nd time to go to Divisoria, but she was like 5 or 6 when we brought her there, and it left a really bad mark on her...the smell and all. So everytime we ask if she wants to go to Divisoria with us, her answer would always be a big NO! But since she has heard a lot about that 168 Mall from her classmates, when I asked her if she wanted to come along, she immediately said YES without thinking, erasing all the memories she's had about Divisoria. She was overwhelmed by what she saw, all nice and pretty things at a very reasonable price. She was able to get her friends some christmas presents, was able to buy herself some stuffs too. And when asked again if she wants to go back some other time, it's a big YES for her, despite the fact that she got dizzy by all the movements. I too got dizzy, a first for me. I'm a certified Divisoria Momma, but there was just soooooo much people that day, too much to handle.

Friday was another bonding time for us...BAKING! It was Isha's time to bake in the house after she took baking class under Chef Jill Sandique last summer. She was the princess of the kitchen, as it was also a first time for me, so I was clueless and all. I used to help Mom bake cakes before, but I was like in elementary grade that time, I didn't know about measurements to turning on the oven. It was actually my first to use the oven. Everything turned out well except that we produced really HUGE cookies.

Josh really wanted to help...but couldn't wait, the pans that we bought at Chocolate Lover was big and wouldn't fit in the oven, so I asked our helper to return it and change it to a smaller one. There was no smaller cookie pan available, so we ended up buying the brownie pan instead, just to push through with the baking, excitement you know =) We were able to make chocochip cookies and I tried making crinkles from the readymix we bought in the grocery. I'm gonna make some adjustments with the measurements though, I find the cookies a bit too sweet. Hope we're gonna be experts soon...might turn this thing into a business...and while at it, I'm thinking of giving cookies as presents this Christmas!


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