Sunday, January 28, 2007

A Tag from Leah .

Because of blogging:

1. I bought a book on html codes...did I learn something from it? NOPE, I always get a headache whenever I start reading.

2. It kept me awake til 5 in the morning trying to understand the html codes, in the hope of having a new look (template). It was a success, i'm now able to tweak around if I want a new look.

3. I'm beginning to love Adobe Photoshop, not for anything else, but making my banners and that of Cuz'

4. I've made online friends, some I already met, the rest I want to meet someday.

5. I have kept record of what I have been doing, it would be fun to read it when I'm old and grey.

6. I'm bestfriends with the camera. I always bring it with me, as much as possible I want to include photos in each posts I make.

7. I am able to express myself more, maybe practice my writing skills if there's any.

8. I am able to share and update family and friends with what's going on in our lives.

9. It's like I've become an internet addict, online 24/7, always in front of the computer, good morning laptop and good night laptop, you know that sort of thing =)

10. I've become a misunderstood individual, the "bad guy", because of some nameless rants that I've written.

11. I realized that my life was interesting, despite the change in url "some" people were able to track me down, people who do not make themselves known, people making issues out of nothing, etc.

I think that's about it...Now let me hear what blogging did to you, calling calling...

1. Cuz
2. Pao
3. Francesca


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