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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

I was with my sister when she was roomed in to the OR for her scheduled operation. She had myoma and they had to take it out. I don't know what came to me that I asked my uncle, (the anaesthesiologist) if I could watch the procedure. Luckily I was not allowed. Well, since I was not allowed to watch, I just went back to the room and took a nap. Mom and BIL went home to get some stuffs so I was left alone. I started imagining things, SCARY! Good thing I was really very very sleepy and it wasn't long I was off to dreamland.

Kriiing, krriiiinnng, I was awaked by a phone call, it was my uncle. He asked me to go to the reception area of the OR. When I got there, he had with him some sort of a basin, with the bloody fibroid(it was really big, as in really big), and the ovaries in it. I quickly covered my eyes with my hand, occasionally doing peek-a-boo in between my fingers. He wanted to show it to me, and I was like NO! I don't like to see it. And he said, "oh I thought you were brave, you even wanted to watch the procedure."

It's good that I didn't insist on watching, I know I could get inside if I insisted really. With just a glimpse of it, my imagination went wild to the point that I almost vomitted while having dinner. But on second thought, I could have taken a look. Then losing weight wouldn't be a problem (my tummy is really bulging). The easiest and fastest way to lose weight without really trying, right? WRONG! What if my imagination runs wild for months? Then I'll be D-E-A-D!


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