Tease Me Not...Please

Friday, January 19, 2007

Did you know that I'm a sucker for "koreanovelas"? As much as possible I don't like to miss an episode shown on TV(I only watch koreanovelas on GMA 7, I'm a certified kapuso). But that's not my worry anymore since N gifted me with a portable DVD player for christmas. Now I can get to watch it on the player, BUT forgive me, I buy the original pirated copies at Quiapo for only 50 pesos(they say it's original coz it came from China)...what can I do? I really don't know where to buy the original copies. When you go to Quiapo, you'll be overwhelmed by the titles you see, everything is there, from desperate housewives to america's top model. Just be careful though, keep your eyes and ears open for raids, you might be one of those picked up.

Have you ever experienced being teased by your partners the moment they see you in something they find funny or inappropriate? When N saw me in that headband, he couldn't stop laughing and started teasing me, sarcastically saying, "oh what a nice piece in your head". He did it non-stop, even until now, when he remembers it, I still get a teasing. Now I don't wanna wear it, I can't take the teasing anymore, it's just too much. Is there something wrong with the headband? Or it's me? Oooops, don't bother to answer, harhar!


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