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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

When Ish was younger and asked what she wants to become when she grows up, she would say EAT & SLEEP! But nowadays, she talks about becoming a lawyer or a journalist. Reading her latest post , she has taken a step on realizing her dream of becoming a writer. I am encouraging her to become a lawyer too, coz none of us has followed the footsteps of my Dad. She also plans to spend half of her college life in the US. I was overjoyed when she shared with me her dreams of what she wants to be in the future, not the EAT & SLEEP lil girl anymore, but with BIGGER dreams. Go Ish!

I'm so happy with my new template. I've been looking for a free template that has the 2 sidebars on the right for a year now. I even attempted to install a wordpress theme but in vain, I just couldn't understand how it works. I also thought of hiring the services of a pro, just to be able to get the look that I want. Anyway, I did a lil tweaking on the codes of my new template though, and took me 2 days to figure it out, almost giving up again. But looking at how my blog looks like now...ahhhh! finally I have the "look". Thank you so much. Oh thank you to haloscan for their recent comments widget, now i'll be able to read comments on past entries without having to check on them one by one.

I finally met Nina and her sister Gigi. Nina is based in the States and is here for a vacation. It's really fun meeting cyber friends in person, they're like family, it's like you've known each other all your life. You don't feel any awkwardness seeing them for the first time. We had lunch at Gerri's Grill at Promenade in Greenhills, then went for a lil shopping at the tiangge. It's like shopping, catching up and chilling out with an old girlfriend, that's how I felt with Nina. Thanks for the Vanilla Lace Nins =)
Gigi is the one beside me, Nina's beside Cuz.

I attended the PTC (Parents Teachers Conference) last Saturday and there's a lot of reasons to be happy too. Kids are doing good, and have improved a lot especially Ish. The elem-HS transition thingy is now gone. My only problem though is their being has been the problem since day 1 of school, maybe one day I'll just put a tape in their mouths, whatcha think? harhar

For 16 years now, I've always gotten flower/s from N on Vee Day, isn't that sweet! Really i'm overjoyed, the romance hasn't stopped, i'm still excited getting flowers from him, and I can see the excitement on his face when he hands it to me every valentines day, not because he wants to see the reaction on my face when I open the envelope that includes shopping moolah, harhar. He's gotten practical you know, why buy a bunch of flowers when you can convert some of it to shopping moolah, right? Oh isn't he sweet? Thank you so much Sweet!

I saw Gretchen B at Makati Shangri-la Hotel last Sunday. Gosh she is very pretty and very thin. I expected to see a Gretchen B with a bunch of security guys in tow, an air headed Gretchen B, a snobbish Gretchen B. But the Gretchen B I saw last Sunday was the opposite. No bunch of guys in tow, but only her partner TonyBoy, she looked meek though, no traces of being snobbish. Oh wait, why is this part of my entry? Oh well, it's wonderful to see a person projected by the press as like this and like that but is the exact opposite, even if only for a night or two.



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