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Thursday, February 15, 2007

my nieces Hannah & Cheska, my nephew David, (kids of my brother) and N clowning on the side

It was Dad's birthday on the 14th, we went to bring him flowers. If you noticed that heart on top of the flower, that was made by Hannah (my niece). A day before Dad's birthday, she knocked on my Mom's door showing that heart cutout. Mom thought all the while it was for her, but when she asked the lil girl, she said it was her birthday present for her Lolo (grandfather). Hannah is really a very sweet girl. On her dad's (my brother) birthday, she made a card and included the ribbon she got from school and told her dad, "here's my bday present for you."

w/ Mom, my sister Mimi (1 who was recently operated on) and my brother Toto

V-Days are now spent with the family and the rest of the household. We all went to Mall of Asia to celebrate. I had to drop by Toy Kingdom to have the gameboy micro we bought in December checked. And guess what?

I was walking to the counter quite in a hurry, didn't notice that there was a protruding fiber glass, got hit by it. Excruciating pain I tell you, I almost couldn't walk. I related the matter to the girl behind the counter, asked for the store manager, but took them a while before somebody could attend to my needs. But everything changed when I took out my camera and started taking pictures. It was like all of a sudden everyone was there, from the store manager down to the security and all. They started moving the stuff that hit me, and I had to stop them. Now you can see their panic striken faces, and got more attentive to my needs. Maybe they thought that the reason why I took pictures was for something else, while what I had in mind was really for the blog, hehe, but those photos would come in handy in case something else happens to me, but thank God i'm OK. I did not expect this to happen, among all shops at Toy Kingdom. It should be child-proofsafe (thanks KK) and all, considering there are a lot of children running around. It's really negligence on their part and it has to take one person to get wounded for them to realize that they could have trimmed the edges and make it a bit rounded to avoid accidents. And this is what I don't like about Pinoys, they take everything in stride and only take action if you yourself has taken action like taking pictures, maybe create a scene or something...arrrrggghhh!


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