Wednesday, March 07, 2007

I'll be a busy momma nowadays, well only until Friday. It's my kids exam week, yes their finals, and i'm busy helping them out reviewing. School's gonna be until Friday...hurrah! It means:
1. i can go chill out even on weekdays
2. less internet time (i'm using my son's laptop, mine's really jurrasic...i should be doing something about the wifi here, apparently it does not work on d-link, but works on apple which only has one slot)
3. go on regular fitness with the kids this time, maybe jog instead of biking over at MOA every other day
4. watch Gilmore Girls with my daughter
5. play PS2 with my son
6. cook meals for my family (a breather for my angels)
7. bake cookies, lotsa lotsa cookies
8. and the list continues...so I won't run out of blog topics


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