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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

'Twas a very busy week for me. My sister and her husband arrived from the US for a short vacation. I have been tasked to bring them around, meet with our other relatives, some shopping, a trip to the beauty salon, trip to Belo, etc. You know how it is when Pinoys come home, they squeeze everything in their two week stay.

she's the one at the extreme left


We're still on with our fitness thingy...if ever we can't jog or bike, Josh makes it a point to play an hour of badminton. Good thing he's still very much into it, and has maintained his diet too. Way to go Josh!


We attended the birthday celebration of Kuya Rey, of course the day won't be complete without picture(s). Even if he was the celebrant, we asked him to take our photo, (to borrow Edna's words, "pang friendster din yan") haha.

Gina, Rhea, Edna, Me, Cuz

**It's really a problem if you don't have to post all the happenings, you tend to forget everything, or you cannot get yourself to write a decent post, it's like there's so much to share, yet few words come to mind....haaaaayyy!**


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