"You Look Young"

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Wow Mom! you look young(ish)...this is what my son Josh said when I got home. I finally found time to go to the salon for my much needed rebonding. The reason why I had been delaying this rebonding thingy is because I was soooo scared that if I had my hair rebonded, instead of it being straight it would turn out freezy. Why you ask? Because it was also Josh who said that I looked like a witch with my jet black hair and he wanted me to go back to my color which meant bleaching. And did you know that when you have your hair rebonded you're not suppose to wash your hair for 3 days. Yikes...3 days of itch, smell and all. But despite the fact, I wasn't looking forward to wash my hair. You see when I went to Tony & Jackey, they didn't really want to do my hair because of its condition. They didn't want to use their (korean) products but opted for L'oreal Extenso instead, and that means a more expensive one. And they still did not guarantee that I was to have silky straight soft hair. And with their parting words: "After you wash your hair and you find something wrong, don't panic, just give us a call and will fix it for free." What encouraging parting words...so I really didn't look forward to washing my hair. Thank God it turned out ok, i'm back to straight soft hair, and as Josh would put it I look young(ish).


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