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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Can you imagine playing football in pants and jersey made from canvas? Oh yes, knee length pants, loose and heavy, and a top that is usually long sleeved secured by laces in front. This was the football uniform back in the 1800s. But in the early 1900s, canvas was replaced by cotton. The players no longer experienced being soaked and feeling heavy from playing in hot and sweaty sun. Shifting to cotton allowed more freedom of movement. It was also during this time that the evolution of football paddings begun, to make it safer especially when falling. Through the years, much improvements were made. Different types of materials were discovered, mostly light-weight fabrics, a far cry from the canvas of the 1800s.

Today’s football jerseys are designed with the special needs in mind of the players. They use only the most durable fabrics, and patterns are constructed with the awareness of the special equipment that the sport requires. And not only that, they provide maximum comfort and freedom of movement.

Football jerseys come in different styles and colors. They are really attractive, and they’ve got style, they are made with comfort and performance in mind. This is what a great uniform consist of.

If you’re thinking about letting your children or members of your family play football, consider these jerseys. It’s cool!

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