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Friday, May 11, 2007

If you noticed lately, I have been including sponsored posts in my blog. And i'm happy to share that the two posts i've written have been approved. Well I'm just waiting for them to mail my check (i'll keep you posted). Since I have been endorsing a lot of products here in my site, I thought why not get paid. The funny thing when it's a sponsored post, I find myself in front of the laptop longer than my usual almost everyday posts. Sometimes I just find it hard to endorse products, or talk about a certain sites. There are actually a lot of sponsored posts that you can take, but then again it's very hard to write about things that you can't relate to. If I get my first check in the amount of US$55, I promised myself to get a dot com, now isn't that cool ^_^


My daughter Ish decided to join me in my belly dancing class. The first time I brought her there, she had second thoughts of joining. But she made up her mind one day and now we belly dance together. I bought her two sets of costumes in Divisoria for her to use on the 18th for another recital. I was thinking of making her one, but I just don't have the time to do it. I don't wanna feel stressed out just like the last time. I know it's my fault coz I'm fond of doing things at the last minute. And yeah, I don't think her Dad will allow her to use those bra type tops that I normally go for. Now is that an excuse? ^_^


Cuz has been sharing with me this Korean brand of makeup called The Face Shop since last year. I didn't have the time to check it out until last Tuesday when my SIL invited me to go to Serendra. I bought their eye and lips makeup remover. It's oil free and alcohol free. I think I like it, it's not harsh even if a little goes into your eye. I also bought their pink lipstick.


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