Looking Forward to Halloween

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Halloween is one of the traditions that me and my kids look forward to. Do you know why? We all get excited thinking about what to wear. Yeah you might say that halloween is still a few months away, October 31st to be exact (as if you don't know ^_^ bleh). But did you know that right after we do trick or treating, we are already thinking of what to wear for next year's halloween. That's how big a deal it is coz we find halloween really fun, a different kind of bonding for us.

Since we think of wearing different Costumes each time, it has been a big burden looking for the next costume to wear. The malls that we have here has very limited designs to choose from. Chances are you get to bump with someone wearing the same costume as you. It ain't cool, right?

Well anyway, buying online is very "in" nowadays. It saves you a lot of time going to the malls and having to spend on gas. And sometimes buying online is a lot cheaper. So if I were you, you gotta check out the Costumes here. They have a wide range of unimaginable costumes for kids and adults. They have like more than 14,000 costumes to choose from. And not only that, they also offer costumes and costume accessories for nearly every holiday or event. It's more like a one-stop-shop if you are looking for costumes to wear.

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