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Sunday, May 20, 2007

Shern's Mom tagged me on the meaning of my children's names.

I was not even married yet, much less pregnant when I thought of the names I would give my future children. One thing I made sure, I'd like them to have names found in the Bible. I'm named Mirriam (thanks to the employee who misspelled my name when she typed it in my application for birth certificate). It's supposedly Miriam. (Miriam - the sister of Moses)

I have not really thought of the meaning of the names I picked, I just liked the sound of it combined with the names I got from the Bible. I had to google it just to be able to come up with this tag. At least I learned something today ^_^


Patricia - pronounced as pa-TRISH-ah, it is of latin origin and the meaning is of noble descent.
- pronounced as loo-EEZ, it is of old german origin and the meaning is renowned fighter.


Joshua - pronounced as JOSH-yoo-ah, it is of Hebrew origin, and the meaning is "Jehovah saves"

Martin - pronounced as MART-en, it is of latin origin and the meaning is warlike I'd like to know the meaning of your children's names so I'm tagging:

1. CUZ
3. MommyBa

Happy happy birthday to one of my dearest bestfriends ANGIE!


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