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Friday, May 04, 2007

Oh yes I'm the "Takatak Queen" in the kitchen, "takatak" meaning I put in a dash of herbs and spices to what i'm cooking (it's more like open a bottle of thyme and "taktak" in the pan ^_^ ) And did you know that I'm not one who measures ingredients? N has been constantly reminding me to write down how much of these and that did I put for a certain recipe, so the taste would be consistent, and he always says who knows one day you're gonna put up a restaurant. And did I buy that? Nope! Me and my stubborn self, or is it more like lazy? I always have a ready answer for it. I only cook for the family and more or less I know how much to put in every recipe.

So here is my recipe in photos of Prawns in Lemon Butter Sauce. (Go figure how much to "taktak") Click on the photos to enlarge

the ingredients

don't throw away the shrimp heads, they're yummy

Note: the hungry people in the dining table could not wait for me to get a fresh battery for my camera so I will be able to take a shot of the cooked prawns. All I hear is "hhhmmm...Mom, this is so yummy". Shhhh, just between you and me, Josh finished 9, and Ish about 5. N had 3 only, but almost finished all the heads (he knows how to pick the yummiest). This recipe goes well with garlic rice.


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