Pure Chaos

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

It started with a bumper to bumper traffic at 6:15 in the morning. Traffic was rerouted to give way to the new condo located within the same vicinity. It's my son's first day of school. For those wondering why only now (schools in the Philippines normally open in June), well the school decided to add another floor in the elementary wing and they started construction in May. Duh! As if adding 1 floor takes only a month to construct. Classes in the elementary levels were moved to June 26 and 27 instead of June 9. Oh well!

Come lunch time. I can't even see and locate my children. They were stuck in "human traffic", no bad connotation here ^_^ ok? 20 minutes of their lunch break was consumed in pure chaos. Ish didn't like the ampalaya con carne (beef slices with bitter gourd) I cooked, she said it was bitter. Duh! Who says ampalaya is sweet *roll eyes*. Josh did not complain, probably he was too hungry, it was already past 1 in the afternoon.

Late afternoon was still pure chaos...double the chaos during lunch break...all levels dismissed at the same time. Can you imagine that...a prospect for stampede.

I hope the school will do something about this, as I saw some school authorities observing.

Now i'm doubly tired too...it's zzzzzzzzzzz for me...good night ya all ^_^


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