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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Many of us reward ourselves with leisure travels at least once a year. It's one way of destressing from a year long work. And many of us too have work which sends us to different places a lot. Now have you considered getting yourself some insurance? It's about time to get yourself covered. We may not know what's gonna happen to us during these travels.

medical travel insurance can cover you for your medical expenses, loss of personal belongings, passport and cash, travel delays and missed departures. They also have a 24-hour medical service. They have travel policies on single trip, annual or multi trips (where you may travel up to 92 days), long stay (up to 12 months) and family travel where you don't get only yourself covered but the rest of the family travelling with you.

Most insurance companies has 60 as the age limit. But medical travel insurance has a coverage for older people up to the age of 79. With the low-cost flights and holiday packages available, a lot of older travellers have taken advantage of going on a holiday to enjoy some warm weather.

With medical travel insurance, you can get an online quote in seconds and you can also purchase it right there and then. You also get covered doing hazardous activities while on vacation at no extra costs. While other insurance companies charge higher premiums for those with medical conditons, this insurance company assesses pre-existing medical conditions to establish if this condition has been under control for the last 12 months. If yes, then they offer travel insurance without any additional costs.

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