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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

A tag from Healthfreakmommy. Here how it goes. List 10 things why you think you have been infected by "blogivitis" and the effect it has on you.

I've been blogging since July 2004, I should be dead by now if this type of "sickness" kills.

1. Checking on my blog numerous times a day, that is if time permits. I get excited reading all the comments left on haloscan.

2. Have our pictures taken left and right, as N always say "Pose! so you can put it in your blog." See even N is infected.

3. I can be awake until 2 in the morning, tweaking on html codes just to make the look of my blog the way I want it. I bought an html book when I first started blogging.

4. I'm always thinking about what my next header will be. For some of you, you might have noticed that I keep changing my headers. Because of that I can now get by with Adobe Photoshop.

5. I can take late lunch or late dinner if i'm too engrossed with writing, especially sponsored posts.

6. There was a point in my life that all I talk about is blogging.

7. My eyes turn big whenever I see things related to blogging.

Oh man! this is all I can come up with. I'm not tagging anyone specifically, but if you feel like doing this tag, go ahead, grab it...then let me know so I can go visit your blog and see if you too guys are infected too ^_^


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