He Says I'm a SuperMom

Monday, July 02, 2007

Nelson's all praises, he says i'm a super mom! Having to wake up at 5 in the morning, assist the kids as they prepare for school, bring them to school, come home to prepare food for lunch, bring lunch to school, come home to cook dinner, be at school by 4 in the afternoon to fetch them and bring them to their chinese tutor. Well, that has been my life for 10 days now. I thought I couldn't manage just by the thought of it, I thought i'm gonna lose some weight, but heck no! in fact I think I've added a pound or two, I thought I wouldn't have time to blog, but here I am posting at least every other day ^_^ I think it's just proper time management, and how you look at things. I did not do all these with a heavy heart, but of course I'm counting the days until my "angels" arrive, and it seems like eternity already, harhar!

The joys of being a mother...

I think I know the reason why I am enjoying right now despite not having my 2 yayas (nanny) with me. I don't really know how to cook (filipino dishes), yeah sue me...and I will bribe you with pasta dishes and cookies. Those are my two specialties. But I tried my best really with the aid of a cookbook (3 different ones) and the internet and of course my Mom. I was able to whip some "gourmet" treats to feed the family. I call it treats because I cook only on special occassions like Christmas and New Year. My kids including N enjoyed everything I prepared for them, I got never ending "Mom, it really really tastes good! Can you cook it again next week?" Of course hearing all these, I couldn't help but feel elated! Yes, I'm flying high! ... and will be flying low soon...the bottomline, they want me to be the official cook in this house! Bwaaaaaahhhhhh.... ^_^


Mummy to QiQi 1:22 PM  

wow...u wake up so early!!! no wonder u could stay so slim, having to run here and there like there all the time...and even got time for blog....really *salute*!

Lisa C 10:18 PM  

You are Super Mom!! With your busy schedule I'm amazed that you do get to blog as much as you do.

As far as the cooking, at least your kids can count on you cooking a few time a year, which is better than nothing!

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