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Thursday, July 26, 2007

2 days ago, Isha requested our driver if he could bring her home right away coz she was not feeling well. She had a headache caused by colds. The moment she got home, she went straight to bed and fell asleep. We just woke her up to have dinner. I asked her if she was going to school the following day, to which she said yes, anyway she didn't have fever, and she had some quizzes to take. Before she left for school, I checked if she was running a fever, which she was not, so I allowed her to go to school. I was surprised to get a call from her that afternoon, that she was already on her way home, she was sent home by the school. Her yaya (nanny) fetched her coz we had the driver with us. They were not able to hail a cab, so they took the public transportation. When I got home, I asked her if she remembered how to take the public transpo (this was her first actually), to which she replied, "nope, I was too sick to remember anything". Haha, good answer! You see there's this running joke in the family about taking public transpo, not that I don't like them to ride the jeepney or commute, in fact I want them to learn taking the jeep or bus.

Anyhoo, she was absent from class today. We got a call from the office confirming if she was indeed sick. This is really weird, this was the 1st time we got a call from them. They've been with that school for 10 years already. On with the story. When we got home from school, finding his sister in his room, Josh gave her a bear hug. Hhhhmmmm, he's sweet, NOT! Do you know why he hugged his sister? He wants to catch the bug, so he won't be able to go to school and just use the internet the whole day. Yes, that's my darling boy!

Ish is quite well already and she'll go to school tomorrow, though she still has colds and cough.


Dine 6:13 PM  

hope Ish gets well--fully and truly, hugs to her!

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