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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

OMG come to think of it, until now I still keep on bugging my husband about the much needed counter stools, and it's been a hundred years. When will this dream of mine come to realization if I won't act now. Oh maybe I'll just order it myself, anyway the price is kinda reasonable and affordable. And besides I need like 3 pieces only, oh make that 4 coz we're 4 in the family. I have an idea on what to buy already, I want one that swivels. Wahoo, after buying all these stuffs, then I can start using my breakfast nook. I wouldn't feel lonely anymore eating in a table for 8 persons all by myself.

Hmmm, I think I might also need a storage bed. The closets we have at home are full to the brim. I can see clutters here and there, and I just need every storage I can get. This is a great idea indeed, making use of some space for storage. It would also be great to have an under bed storage where I can put stuffs like linens, pillowcases and maybe towels. This time it would not be as hard anymore getting stuffs when you want to change beddings. I normally put linens at the topmost cabinet, thus making it hard for the helpers to reach.

I'm thinking of changing my daughter's bed too, I think she needs a queen storage bed. As she grows older, her personal stuffs grows in number too. I can just imagine her stuffs scattered all over coz it can't be accommodated anymore in her drawers. Yeah, I think that's it, she needs one and I'm going to suggest to her Dad if we could get her one. I hope it won't take a hundred years this time.

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