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Thursday, August 30, 2007

I have read some rants from different blogs about their frustrations on the recent segmentation of PayPerPost. Many of them say that they do not get as much opportunities as before. I could understand them, as they just want to earn a living. But to tell you honestly, I really did not feel the change at all, since I had at least two opportunities to take each day, which is the requirement of PPP.

We all know that PayPerPost is an american company, therefore majority of their advertisers are located in the United States, and it only follows that advertisers are targeting US bloggers. Since PPP has a lot of international posties, they have thought of ways to brighten up the day of their Posties located outside the United States. Just this week, PPP brought back the 1k Tuesdays, wherein everyone can participate, regardless of where you live, and whether your blog is big or small. In other words, there is no segmentation and it's open to all posties. I have seen one of the 1k Tuesdays but was not lucky enough to grab one. Of course I felt sad, but that is how life is anyway, as they always say, you cannot have it all.

For Posties like me who is outside the United States of America, are you ready for this? PayPerPost has a gift for us, and it will be coming out starting Wednesday. It's called the Worldwide Wednesdays! This will only be for posties outside the US, so american bloggers are excluded from taking these opps. So posties let's all keep our eyes open, refreshing page as often as possible until we see these Worldwide Wednesdays opps. By the way there's only like two additional $50 opps and one $150 opp. Good luck to all of us, and maybe we should thank PPP for playing it fair.


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