Creamy Chicken With Mushrooms

Thursday, September 13, 2007

I was out on a Tuesday night to go with N to a client call. The children are not really used to not seeing me home when they get back from school. My daughter sent me an SMS asking where I was so I called her. She had actually nothing to say but, "Mom, the chicken was really sooooooooooooooo good", yes, with a very long O. That's what I like about Ish, she appreciates my cooking always with a very long O when she says sooooooooooo.

So here goes the recipe:

salt and pepper
cooking oil - I use canola oil for frying
1 can button mushrooms
1 tetrabrick nestle all purpose cream
1 small can alpine evaporated milk
chicken broth
red wine
parmessan cheese
dried oregano

1. sprinkle chicken strips with salt and pepper then coat with flour and fry until golden brown. Remove excess oil leaving about 1 tsp just enough to cook the mushroom.

2. Heat chicken broth, cream and milk, put a dash of pepper, thyme, dried oregano, and about 2 tbsp of red wine. Add parmessan cheese.

3. Put chicken and mushroom and simmer until tender.

**you can either serve it with rice or pasta**

Note: No pictures taken, I was already running late with my date with fave bff Cuz Marie.


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