The Fan in You

Friday, September 14, 2007

I am not much of a football fan, but I have friends especially those ones located in the US who are. It's fun seeing their family watch a football game wearing a jersey of their favorite football players. And not only that, they have a section in their house dedicated to NFL memorabilias. I asked them where they buy the items, they said that some were bought in the football stadium but most of the items they got online. Now I can email them this site where they can buy different NFL Merchandise. This site is dedicated to NFL fans where they can buy different accessories, apparels, and collectibles. Wouldn't it be fun wearing this cool official headband with a wig that has the official color and logo of your favorite team attached to it? It's like shouting it out to the whole world that you are indeed a serious die-hard fan of football. It would also be a nice idea to dress up like your favorite player when you go to a halloween party, then have your face painted with the color of your favorite team or better yet wear a rubber face mask decorated in your team's color. I'm sure you will be one of a kind that day, unique, away from the traditional halloween costumes you see. You can find all these, and much more at They not only offer NFL stuffs, but also baseball, hockey and basketball stuffs.


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