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Friday, September 14, 2007

The report cards were released the other day, but Josh was not given his, instead I got a “love letter” from his class adviser requesting us to go see the HELE (Home Economics) teacher. So I went to the AV Room yesterday and talked with the teacher. He did not pass 1 project so he got a grade of 0, making his grade in the report card 68, yes for the first time, a red mark. The teacher claimed that she sent a warning slip, to which I asked, how come I did not get any? She showed me the copies but could not provide her duplicate copy of the slip she was suppose to give my son. I really didn’t have time to argue with her as I was in a hurry to leave for a meeting. There will be a PTC tomorrow, and I’m still not resting my case.

Now he can’t be in the top 10, even if his average is 90.4 because of that damn HELE. First time since he started school. I am sad and disappointed, but what can I do?

Ish on the other hand got her report card too. Yep, I’m quite disappointed with her grades too, but encouraged her to concentrate more. It’s hard raising up teenagers, seems like a lot is getting in their way when it comes to their studies, they are not as focused anymore. I don’t like to pressure them either, but at the same time I am disappointed when they fall short of my expectations…what now?


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