I Love To Dance

Monday, September 17, 2007

Isn't is obvious? I just love to dance. If only I can learn all the dances, then it would be a dream come true. I remember a point in my life that I wanted to be a professional dancer, like the ones seen on TV, yeah really, I'm not kidding. And if there are opportunities to learn how to dance, I usually make a go for it. Like there was a time I was into ballroom dancing. I was doing it once a week and it was just fun. I learned different dances at that time, like swing, tango, jive and aventura bachata . Too bad, my ballroom dancing days ended too soon, that I am not able to master this dances. Well, I can still learn especially the bachata. At Bachatacrazy.Com, they offer a step by step guide to bachata dancing. They do the instuctional step by step, with an in-depth analysis of footwork, styling and hand positions. You can be assured that you can catch up, they do detailed close ups of each step, so there's nothing you will miss. You can watch the dvd over and over again, until you perfect it. And the nice thing about it, you can learn the dance anytime, if you want to do it everyday and make it as part of your cardio exercise, then that would be great. I tell you, dancing is a very good form of exercise, it can never be boring, take it from me!

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