Batch Meeting

Monday, September 17, 2007

I once again attended the general meeting of our batch(HS) held at the conference room of my alma mater, Trinity College. Since we will be hosting the 25th(yikes) Alumni Homecoming this coming February 2006, we had to work overtime for the preparations. It's been nice seeing some more batchmates, others I can recall, others not. But it's been good, we get to update on each others lives, reminisce a bit, laugh about the good old times. I will always look forward to these meetings, a time to renew friendships with long lost friends.

Arlyn, Doudelyn, Millicent, Jing, Richard, moi, & Aurea

After the meeting, we were treated to dinner by Jing (now AVP of AIU Corporation, AIG) at Tempura. The fun and reminiscing cotinues! We can only laugh at the silly things we did back in High School. Thanks Jing for the wonderful dinner!


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