I Want One Too!

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Boo! What's that serious look on your face? ^_^ Shown here is Ish enjoying the Nintendo DS Lite recently given by Lolo and Mama (grandpa & grandma) to Josh. Oh I forgot to mention that they gave Ish a 21-inch sony TV too. Anyhoo, I asked Ish to smile for me when I took this photo. Nah, she can't, as she's too engrossed with the game. Today she asked if she could get herself a DS Lite too. Now she has a pink one, and her brother has a white one. Can Mom have a light blue one? Haha, you wish! Well I can always borrow, anyway I'm the one keeping it during schooldays. Here's to a more relaxing day playing the DS! I need this kind of entertainment, before I snap doing SPs, lol!


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