In Search of Binoculars

Sunday, September 02, 2007

I always promise myself to buy a bushnell binoculars, because whenever I watch concerts, I always end up closing my eyes and just listen to the voice, harhar. And you know why? I could not afford prime seats. Man, it's just too expensive especially if it's some foreign artists. It goes true also if I'm watching a well known local singer and to think they hold their concerts in big venues.

But I have to consult with hubby this decision in buying, since he knows better when it comes to choosing binoculars. He is more familiar with the lenses, and he knows which brands are ok. Good thing, has a wide variety of binoculars to choose from, and not only that, he might find something associated with his hobby which is photography and firing. I see a lot of products in this site which he might probably be interested in like rifle scopes, laser sights, etc. And we can take advantage of it's offer, a free shipping.

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