Vacation Time

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Holidays are here again! Yay! For some people, this is the best time to have rest and recreation. Days that one can be away from work and be somewhere else, enjoying and just relaxing. Some people choose to go to Spain for the holidays. My husband's been there and he says it's really a beautiful place. I've seen the pictures he took, and wow! It's breathtaking. He particularly liked Barcelona, the second largest city in Spain. He says that accommodation is never a problem since there are a lot of hotels in Barcelona that are really affordable.

Another nice place to visit is New York. I've been there, and I really like the place a lot. I think I won't get tired visiting the place over and over again. There are many nice New York hotels, so again having a place to stay would never be a problem.

Well this place I gotta see someday, Amsterdam. I've read that this place is very rich in architecture. I've always admired picturesque buildings, and Amsterdam boasts of these. I want to see "the house of Anne Frank" which draws crowd every single day. I know some of you would want to visit Amsterdam someday. And if you don't have anywhere to stay, just remember to look at for hotels in Amsterdam.


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