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Monday, October 08, 2007

Here's some good news to aspiring singers. Let your songs be heard, and get yourselves discovered my millions of people out there! Now is the time to join, home for the coolest emerging music around the globe. If you are an unsigned singer-songwriter (solo artist), meaning you have not done a single record deal, now is your chance to get world-wide exposure. This is what you need to do. Submit a high quality video of you singing an original song. Your video should have a runtime of 5 minutes or less. You also need to submit a photo in .jpg format for promotional purposes, submit a copy of the lyrics (it should be original), and a place where they can send your royalty checks. Yes you read it right. You can have the chance to get paid if your song gets chosen by Algeka. Fans can even make you the next big star. They can cast votes by downloading your songs, each download is equivalent to 2 votes for video, and 1 vote for audio.

And for those of us who are not musically blessed, this website is for us too. We can browse the different artists and download our favorite songs. There are a lot of good singers out there waiting to be discovered, some are even better than the recording artists we have around. Let us help aspiring singers make their dreams come true. I particularly liked Paul's video, I like his singing style and I just have a thing for acoustic. He plays the guitar while singing and I just find it cool.

For music lovers out there, discover the emerging music videos of undiscovered music artists. Let us all give the aspiring artists to promote themselves worldwide.

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