Here Comes Halloween!

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

It is only the second day of October but the kids are already looking forward to Halloween. I've always mentioned here in my blog that my kids get excited especially when we talk about going trick or treat. At their age, they still have not outgrown the idea of going trick or treat to get some candies and other goodies. They are also excited on how they want to look like, so they plan ahead of time and just tell me what they like. I told them that they are already big enough to wear costumes but they still insist of wearing Halloween Costumes. They say that going trick or treating is not complete without looking good in their costumes. And besides everyone else is in costume! They even told me that they may not receive any goodies if they are not in costumes. Yeah, come to think of it, the more unique costumes you wear the more goodies you get to bring home. Others even put up a contest with different categories like most unique, scariest, etc.

Now the question is, would they still wear the traditional halloween costumes we see in the malls? I don't have a problem with my darling doll, I'm sure she can still choose from some of those being sold. But what about my darling boy? Especially now that he is in an awkward stage. I know he will not have second thoughts if I suggest that he wear something like the ones they have at Wouldn't he look like a hunk in a football outfit? Yeah, great idea, he'd look handsome and he has a body of a football player ^_^.


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