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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

I felt so at home over at Stel's, I wasn't shy of grabbing this tag ^_^

1. was your first pregnancy planned? yes, we wanted so much to have a baby
2. were you married at the time? yes
3. what were your reactions? excitement, joy to the max
4. was abortion an option for you? NO!
5. how old were you? 26
6. how did you find out you were pregnant? took the +/-
7. who did you tell first? N
8. did you want to find out the sex? no
9. due date? sept 8, 1993
10. did you have morning sickness? no
11. what did you crave? chico and pilipit (twisted glutinous rice)
12. who/what irritated you the most? nothing
13. what was your first child’s sex? girl
14. did you wish you had the opposite sex of what you were getting? no
15. how many pounds did you gain throughout the pregnancy? can't remember, 28 lbs?
16. did you have a baby shower? no
17. was it a surprise or did you know? ^_^
18. did you have any complications during your pregnancy? none
19. where did you give birth? hospital
20. how many hours were you in labor? 6 hrs
21. who drove you to the hospital? N
22. who watched you give birth? staff in the DR
23. was it natural or C-section? normal
24. did you take medicine to ease the pain? I think so, I asked for it.
25. how much did your child weigh? 6.11
26. when was your child actually born? August 29, 1993
27. what did you name him/her? Patricia Louise
28. how old is your first born today? 14

Hey you mommies out there, feel free to grab, okie?


drstel 3:30 AM  

Girlie! you had an easy first delivery, lucky you! and i love her name, very aristocratic and serene. thanks for passing this fun tag along! :D

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