Thanks Cuz Marie

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Despite her busy and crazy schedule, Cuz didn't have second thoughts of accompanying me to visit the sick dad of one of my college bestfriends Y at a hospital in Las Pinas. When I told her about it, she mentioned that she wanted to go with me when I go and visit. But I didn't know when I could come. When I sent her sms that I was going that day (Saturday) she immediately said yes. She knows my friend Y, I introduced them in 2004 when she went to SF. I picked her up and we drove all the way to Las Pinas. We were both happy to see our friend Y, but at the same time sad because of her Dad's condition. I ask for prayers in behalf of Dad Nonoy, that the Lord will extend His healing touch upon him.

After our visit to the hospital, Cuz treated me at Pancake House at Rockwell. We had our bonding time which I soooo miss. If you notice, we have not been really going out a lot. She has been busy, and I have been busy too. And guess what takes so much of our time? Haha, doing sponsored posts ^_^ But at least we were able to take some time off and be with each other. Again for the 2nd time, we were not able to snap some photos, you know the CHAIRMAN's mind is preoccupied these days, bwaaahhh! Love you Cuz!


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