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Friday, November 09, 2007

I’ve been tagged by Chinneed ! Sorry it took me this long to do this tag, but here it is:

8 THINGS I’M PASSIONATE ABOUT: Blogging, Beading, Cooking, Belly Dancing, Cycling, Eating, Loving & Parenting

8 THINGS I WANT TO DO BEFORE I DIE: Travel, Enrol in Culinary Arts, See to it that my kids are all ok, Meet all my online friends in person, Drive my own Beamer, Build a vacation house (beach front), Meet with long lost friends, Carry my grandchildren

8 THINGS I SAY OFTEN: I love you, How’s school?, Do you have homework?, Geez, Oh dear, 10 dollars ^_^, Wait!, Huh?

8 BOOKS I’VE RECENTLY READ: not done with “The Power of a Praying Parent”, “Gentle Discipline”, and Princess Diana

8 SONGS THAT I COULD LISTEN TO OVER AND OVER: Time and Tide, I Remember the Boy, Don’t Know Why, Dancing Queen, Buttercup, Hips Don’t Lie, Tell Me Where It Hurts, Better Days

8 THINGS THAT ATTRACT ME TO MY BEST FRIENDS: Humble, Loving, Sweet, Good sense of Humor, Witty, Good listener, Thoughtful, Kindness8 THINGS I’VE LEARNED THIS PAST YEAR: Cook, Being Positive, Not to mind what others are saying, Patience, Forgiveness

8 PEOPLE I THINK SHOULD DO CRAZY EIGHT MEME: The Chairman, Francine, Rhada, Oh man! There’s only 3 I can think of…i’m sleepy….zzzzzz. Just grab this tag if you feel like doing it ok?


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