Take Advantage of the Opportunity

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

That is what I did when opps were overflowing. I really took advantage of it because I know it won’t last long. And I was right. Even if my b**t and back hurt a lot from too much sitting, I didn’t mind it. All I was concerned about at that time was to take advantage of the allowed 3 posts per blog. I was even consistent for some 5 days in the top earner, sometimes making it to the number 1 spot. But everything is all gone now. The pr 5 is now down to pr3. Looks like someone is playing tricks on us huh. I really don’t know how this pr thingy works. Can you please tell me the difference between putting www after the http and without the www. This is really funny, it’s like they give different pr rank depending if you put www after the http:// or not. I don’t get it and it gives me a headache trying to figure out if there’s really a difference. Can you please shed light on this? Btw, this is what PPP uses to check our page ranks, http://ppp.customtools.urltrends.com/index.php


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