Sad...But Why?

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

We went to watch The Game Plan last night in the movie house. Yes we enjoyed the movie so much, but it could have been better is all four of us watched. But as it is, my darling boy Josh didn’t like to come with us. I don’t like to force him because I don’t want to create friction between the two of us, neither do his dad. I did a lot of convincing for him to join us, but it was all in vain. He wants to be left at home, it seems that this online gaming is pretty much taking so much of his time. I miss the time that the kids can tag along wherever we were going. I miss the time that they will not allow us to leave without them in tow. My oh my how time flies. Now they choose their own activities. FYI, I do require them to come with us if it is necessary, which I don’t accept no for an answer.


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