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Saturday, November 10, 2007

I’d like to thank Kitty for this taggie. Hey Kit, our wallets have similar material ^_^ and it looks quite the same though.

I remember buying this wallet during my trip to Singapore in 2004 and I’ve been using it since then, well almost. I do change wallets every now and then, but this seems to be longest I’ve been using. There’s not much I put inside, since I have a separate card holder. And I don’t think I get to hold it everytime I go out, since I put my money (pesos) in the pockets of my bag. I dunno but it’s sort of a security blanket or anything. I just feel right when it’s in my bag ^_^.

What’s inside?

1. Picture of me and N
2. Picture of my 2 kids
3. Dollar Bills
4. Hong Kong Bills
5. Calling Cards

I’d like to see your wallets and what’s inside of it, please? Chairman Vanidosa, KC, Francine, and Lizeth


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