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Thursday, December 06, 2007

I found a site most of us will benefit when we're old and grey. I know this is kinda off for now because of my age, but come to think of it, it's better to be prepared and think of our future. I don't wanna end up like a ping pong ball, going from one home to another. I'm not saying that my kids will do this in the future, but I'd better be prepared. I'm talking about staying in care homes. There are actually a lot of choices. For sure I'd pick one that has a five star hotel standards. I deserve it for working so hard. I will live like a queen, and I expect someone to provide me with the best living accommodation, meals, someone who can help me with my personal stuff, and help me manage my medications. I'd also pick a care home with a 24/7 nursing care, so that whenever I get sick, a medical staff can look after me right away.


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