Soda-Free Challenge

Thursday, December 20, 2007

I am challenging myself to be soda free. Supposedly it started yesterday, the 19th of December. But today while I was at Burger King, I totally forgot that I have this challenge. I was already half way drinking my Coke when I remembered that I'm not supposed to drink coke or any soda for that matter. Darn! I should have been on day 2 already. Do you know the reason why I want to go on this challenge? I want to have a flatter stomach. I've been dancing for almost 3 years already, but I still have a flabby stomach. So there!

Day 2: I had Coke =(


shern's mom 2:42 PM  

gosh..u called that tummy of yours flabby?? oh please! i'll be thankful if i have your tummy.

i seldom, maybe rarely drink any fizzy drinks, but i still have the flabbiest tummy in the world. and i totally mean.

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