The City of Lights

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

I have yet to hear someone who has gone to Paris and not like it. Everybody seems to like this City of Lights. I've only seen it in movies and some television shows yet I find it really beautiful, how much more if I visit the place. My husband has been there a few years back, it was actually work related. I could have gone with him, but at that time the kids were still young and I just did not have the heart to leave them with their nannies. For now, I am just contented looking at the photos my husband took and his description of this beautiful city. But he promised to bring me there some day.

I think my daughter would even see Paris ahead of me. In two years time she will be graduating from high school, and her paternal aunt promised to gift her with Tours in Paris. She is looking forward to it already, even telling me that it won't be that long since the days come and go pretty fast. By then I will be helping them with their itinerary. I always go to the web whenever I make itineraries. I don't know, but I have always been successful in choosing the places to visit, things to do, etc based on my readings. And it is also online where I find great deals.


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