When Will I See Rome?

Monday, January 07, 2008

My husband has been talking about Rome a lot lately. Since he befriended a priest, he is pretty much convinced that he should visit Rome. Actually Rome is one of the cities he wants us to visit even before. We dream of travelling Europe some day and this city is included in our itinerary. Based on my readings, there are a lot of beautiful sights worth a visit. If you want to experience the Renaissance and Baroque Era, then Rome it is! I also read that the best time to go there is between April through June and September through October. Those months are considered warm and sunny, therefore you will be able to visit more places.

Due to excitement, I started reading about Rome like must see places, recommendations on where to dine and wine, shopping areas and where to stay. I also found the website of two leisure travel experts Mauro and Paola. They are both locals, and being locals they know very well the city. They can recommend Rome hotels where you can stay, budget being considered. And not only that, they can show you strategically located hotels for your convenience. I have always believed that if you want to discover all the beautiful places of the countries you are visiting, you should be asking the locals. In all our travels, this has remained true, it has helped us save time and enabled us to see more places.


al 7:43 AM  

This was a good site to read. And it reminded me of 'when in Rome...' When you want the real scoop, ask the locals...cuz they are in the know. In my travels, this has always been true. I loved Rome and hope to go back. I found they love you if you try to use their language and fit in a little. They treat you better. When you are back into your room, you can be anything you want to be,...yourself again. While I was bored at work, I checked out some funny videos of people alone in their rooms doing funny things. It's at the site, http://www.roomforyourimagination.com The zaniest one is the Label Maker Guy in room 223. I enjoyed watching all the funny videos on the site so be sure to check them all out. I work for Cambria Suites so I have an inside track.

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