Pretty Sunday

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Introducing my niece, Martha Francesca, she's a little over 2 and the youngest daughter of my brother. She's really very funny and such a cutie. When we went to visit my Mom, she saw my nail polish. She said she wanted her nails done too. So I promised her that the next time I come back I will be bringing different colors of nail polish. The next time I visited Mom, I totally forgot about my promise but she did not. She was sad and I had to explain to her that I forgot. So last Sunday her dream came true. She has been telling her Dad that Ninang (that's how she calls me though i'm not her godmother)will be putting "cutex" on her nails. When I called her, she was excited. She even asked me if I brought eye shadow with me ^_^. We had makeup session too a few sundays ago. I told her that it was not part of the promise. I had to promise again to bring my make up kit next Sunday. While putting the nail polish, I told her not to move, apparently she got tired because in the middle of the session she wanted me to quit ^_^. Well the price she has to pay for wanting to have beautiful nails.


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