Cheap Prepaid Phone Cards

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I really can't stand not keeping in touch with my sisters in the USA. I do get worried when I don't get to talk with them. And I get sad too because I really miss them a lot. I don't get to see them often since they come home once every two years or sometimes once every three years. The only way to keep the bonding alive is to talk to them. I used to dread the day I get my billing statement from the phone company. Sometimes I just close my eyes and don't think of the amount anymore. If I continued using my cellphone to call my sisters, I can buy a designer bag in a year. That kept me thinking, oh not the buying a designer bag portion. I mean the amount of money I can save if I try other means. True enough I discovered prepaid phone cards and that's what I use now. I can even afford to call my sisters once a week. If you think that it's some cheap card, you are wrong. The price may be reasonably low, but the quality is not. It's very clear and it's like talking to a person who is just in the other room. My sisters have been using the prepaid phone card too. They find it cheaper, compared to using their cellular phones to call. Good thing there are affordable prepaid phone cards that we can use. It keeps us updated of what's happening in each others lives.


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