Not Feeling Well

Friday, May 16, 2008

Ish is not feeling well today. I think she got super exhausted with the rehearsals that started Monday. Now she has colds. I didn't feel ok on Wednesday because of exhaustion too but I drank a glass of fresh lemonade. She is not a big fan of lemonades and I didn't think that she was not feeling well that day. She was ok, she was even ok on the day of the recital. Today she didn't go with us to the movies. I didn't have a single idea that she didn't feel well. I thought she was just sleepy. But when we got home, her colds was terrible. I guess those rehearsals took a toll on her. Poor darling doll. She really worked hard to perfect their routine and I am happy that they performed well. Their group was well applauded. We are really very happy that she has gone a long way with her belly dance moves. I can say that she has improved a lot after a year of dancing. Way to go my darling girl.



Aww, give my hugs to her. Hope she feels better soon. xoxo

btw, it's me KC

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