A Sporty/Elegant Watch

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

It was just recently when I came to know about this particular watch. My husband and I were looking for a watch for our son as a belated graduation gift from his grandfather. While surfing the net for some models of certain brands that we liked, we came across this Hublot watch. I was quite impressed at how it looked like. It was kinda sporty but then there was a certain elegance in the watch. Honestly I love the look of it. The creator of this watch is Carlo Crocco, and he comes from a family of watchmakers. I really admire his designs, maybe because I am a sporty type. His designs can actually be worn both on formal or casual occasions. I also took the opportunity to look for a chrono watch since I am a big fan of that. I don't know why, but I just love the look of it. I actually own one already, but I really loved what I saw. Hublot's chrono selection was just awesome. There's this particular chrono watch that I really love and I haven't seen one as beautiful as what I saw. I wish I can afford to buy one right now, but as it is I need to save up for it. I don't really mind spending for an expensive watch since I find it an investment. It's diamond studded that's why I say it's an investment. For now, I will just include it on my wish list. It's like a reminder that I need to work a little harder if I really want to own it.


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