Midnight Snack with the Little Boss

Friday, June 13, 2008

I am gaining weight. Thanks to the lil Boss who always wants to have midnight snacks with me. Who would go down to the kitchen at 2 in the morning? Us, that's me and Josh my son. We would have a glass of milk and krispy kreme donuts straight from the fridge. Everysince we found out that using the microwave is not really healthy, we can now afford to eat or drink straight from the ref. I don't like to drink milk as much as possible, because I know I'll put on some weight. I don't like the taste of non fat milk too. But since the hubs is always insisting that I drink milk if I don't want to develop osteo, I've since drank. But I still do have my morning fix of Nescafe 3n1 everyday. That I can't do without.


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