Daddy Bonding

Monday, July 07, 2008

This is normally what they do when they bond. Theirs is different. They eat. They both go for ambiance. If only they can go fine dining everyday, then they would do it. This is the reason why I try very hard to give them a nice setting at the dinner table so they don't need to go out as much.

Theirs is a different one. The boy would rather go for a massage, like every night before he goes to bed. I mean literally every night. It's like he can't have a good night's rest without the "tender loving" touch of his Dad. If the Dad is asleep, then it would be me who will give him a massage. Before he goes to bed, he makes the last stop in our room.

I'm just wondering what if we had more kids? And they all have different ideas for bonding?


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