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Monday, August 04, 2008

I know someone who has 8 different car covers. You know why? He's got like 8 vehicles and would you believe he only has one parking slot in his house? Yeah I am not kidding. I agree with a friend who finds it already annoying because they have a hard time backing off their cars. Yep he occupies the street (making it like his own parking lot). These people are so insensitive. They don't think of the welfare of others. What if there is an emergency, and their cars are blocking the driveway? I know there is a law that cars are not allowed to park on the streets on permanent basis, hhhmmmm. What do you think?


Peta Harrison 9:43 PM  

yes i really love to have good car covers and this blog helps for that...

Mike Steve 6:20 PM  

car covers and seat covers doesn't prevent your car when hit by other other vehicles but it really protects from common sources of damage like pollution, mud, dust etc.

Chevy seat covers 11:53 PM  

car covers protevt your car to rain dust and other scraches on your car.

Tim Berry 7:14 PM  

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Jack 3:19 PM  

really like it to have nice information on car covers

Jack 1:55 PM  

it's nice to share this information.
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tony 6:28 PM  

i bought mine slot cars set from and i feel excited with this , i feel kid again

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