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Sunday, August 03, 2008

Look at my boys, do you know what they are playing? They play Tekken5 against each other. When I went to Greenhills yesterday, I asked the shop to download this game wo we can play against each other. Josh has a UMD of this and it's just too much to buy another one. So what I did was buy a 1 gig memory stick and had some games downloaded for my dauhgter's PSP. I played against Josh in the car on our way to Mom's, and I won! Woohoo! We were kinda noisy in the car, prompting the hubs to sternly look at us and told us to keep quiet because he is distracted with his driving. Maybe he got jealous over our enjoyment so he tried his hand at playing the game. Nope, he didn't win against his son, haha talking about better reflexes, teehee!

Over at Mom's...darn I did not bring my Canon 20d, I would have enjoyed taking pictures of this butterfly hopping from one flower to another. My point and shoot camera does not have the capability I am looking for in a macro. So there, opportunity wasted. I don't know what got to me that I became lazy even thinking of bringing my camera. Lesson learned!


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