I Love Saturdays

Saturday, August 16, 2008

It's my day off from cooking that is. It's my helper who takes over in the kitchen after doing some marketing (wet market). I don't like going to the wet market, I hate to admit but I don't like stepping on wet floors. She takes care of buying veggies, chicken and fish, while I on the other hand takes care of the meat. I can stand the smell of the meat shop, but never stepping on wet floors. On Saturdays, I can afford to sleep until 10 in the morning, or sometimes they just wake me up when it's time for lunch already. Yeah I'm a brat, but only on Saturdays. I deserve it you know.


bbr 5:36 AM  

same here, not only i do not like to go to the market--i never go to market! if i did that was probably many years ago (and that was in beijing, when i was brought by some friends, to see how a market there looked like).

my favorite day? wedensday,

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